Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

    As a member of the Pennsylvania Septage Management Association (PSMA), we are held to a high ethical standard. PSMA stresses the importance of environmental protection and enforces complete compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and standards. To learn more about PSMA’s code of ethics, please continue reading below. To learn more about PSMS please visit their website

PSMA members are committed to compliance with all state and local regulations for all septic tank installations. 

On Lot Waste water Treatment System Inspections:
PSMA/NOF Inspection Standards are restricted to individuals who have completed the required training and achieved a passing test score. When performing a PSMA/NOF Inspection, inspectors must fully apply the standards. No part of the applicable PSMA/NOF Standards may be excluded.

Quality Management:
PSMA members shall practice sound management in all activities, including but not limited to: inspections of on lot waste-water treatment systems; installation of on lot waste-water treatment systems, the processing, transport, storage and final use or disposal of septage and other bio-solids materials.

Complaints Procedure:
If the PSMA Ethics Committee receives a written complaint concerning a member not abiding by the above outlined Code of Ethics, an investigation will be performed and a report will be presented to the Board of Directors. The member against whom the assertion is made may present a report as well. The Board of Directors will hear all parties and a decision will be made based on majority agreement. If the assertion(s) pertain to the On lot Waste-water Treatment Inspection Standards, the Board of Directors will have the option to revoke or suspend any individual’s Inspection Certification, preventing them from performing PSMA/NOF inspections, if such individual is found not to be fully implementing the inspection Standards.
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