Septic Tank Inspections (PSMA)

Septic Tank Inspections (PSMA) 

  Allstate Septic Systems employs ten trained and certified inspectors that are experienced and highly skilled in inspecting septic systems in accordance to the Real Estate Septic Inspections/NOF inspection standards. Each of our trained and certified inspectors is able to perform on-lot waste-water treatment system inspections using the Real Estate Septic Inspections/NOF standards. These standards have been described as the “industry standard” for septic system inspections. The standards embody a protocol which, when fully applied, evaluates every component of an on-lot waste-water treatment system. The components include treatment tanks, distribution systems, siphons, and pumps and absorption area.

  Every two years The Real Estate Septic Inspections Education Committee in conjunction with Penn State University, wastewater system inspectors and Sewage Enforcement Officers evaluate the Standards and — when necessary — make revisions. Revisions are important to keep the Standards consistent with the latest industry practices, regulatory changes and evolving scientific knowledge.

The evaluated standards cover the follow topics:

  • Inspector Qualifications
  • Training and Continuing Ed Requirements
  • On-lot System Operation
  • Field Procedures
  • Inspection Checklist
  • Inspection Reports


Note: If the tank is accessible from the surface, the basic septic tank inspection process is usually noninvasive. Periodically, PSMA/NOF offers inspector training at several locations across Pennsylvania.

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