Septic Pump Alarm

Septic Tank Cleaning - Nazareth Pa.
   Allstate Septic Systems has three fully stocked service trucks and four qualified service technicians that can repair any mechanical 
component of an on-lot sewage disposal system or waste water treatment plant. Our inventory is stocked with an assortment of effluent pumps, float switches, alarm kits and a variety of electrical components used in any system and or plant. All of our service technicians are trained to safely perform confined space entries as per 29 CFR 1910.146(g)-(j) of the Federal OSHA Regulations. If the red light on this box is lit or the buzzer is ringing, something has happened to the pump if your dosing tank. The immediate solution is to call Allstate Septic Systems for a service visit. This septic pump alarm does not mean your tank needs cleaning. However, it may be necessary to empty one or more of the tanks in order for us to gain access to the pump.

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